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TOPIC atoz
embarrassed 6
Embarrassed 4
funny 3
stupid 3
$500 later and here I am 2
'Feel the Bern' people don't understand economics 2
32nd show on 2
90's in WAY over my age range 2
96 year old woman with cancer evicted 2
A good stretch of positive months until February 2
A new bumper sticker idea 2
ALL the candidates sucks 2
Acting that out 2
Again How big is his cock? 2
All the poetic license I take is coming true 2
An extra soft spot 2
Anybody that thinks their mother is attractive hit me up @MikemcGintyface on twitter 2
Apologies to my brother for these negative Peyton Manning stories 2
As long as they are into it 2
Asking Nick if he's into period sex 2
Asking Nick if he's into that 2
Assuming he was performing oral on the pregnant woman ( He was i found out later ) 2
Beat it grams 2
Ben Ratner is also LIVE on periscope 2
Bernie Sander's and his socialist ideas 2
Bert Krisher is live on periscope 2
Big government 2
Bigger and better things in March 2
Bill Cosby innocent 2
Blacko's 2
Bonker's commercials 2
Boobs are boobs 2
Boxers or briefs 2
Bullshit that I do 2
Bully Bill Cosby 2
Carolina Panthers! 2
Celebrities that support Cosby just because he's black 2
Checking a text message 2
Checking on my periscope download 2
Chuck E Cheese fight in Connecticut 2
Cody 2
Conformation that he did perform oral sex on these pregnant women 2
Cosby intimidating witnesses 2
Creepy Jeremy Piven 2
Demi Lovatto is alright but I didn't understand that 2
Demi Lovatto throws some shade at Taylor Swift for not speaking out and just donating money 2
Dez Bryant 2
Did I delete that Oasis song? 2
Did you ever fuck your mother? 2
Dietz 2
Do you think your mother is attractive? 2
Doctor's outfit? 2
Doing the show in tandem with old me 2
Don't I look fucking nice 2
Don't look back in anger 2
Don't use that as lube 2
Donald Trump Jr.'s trophy hunting 2
Drug legalization 2
Drunken fucks in the crowd 2
Enjoy your Superbowl victory douche fuck 2
Enough politics 2
Explaining youtube again 2
FUCK FEBRUARY in it's ass 2
Famous Benny the bread man discussion 2
February has tested me 2
Female masturbation wasn't common 2
Film it and yell Wolrdstar instead of trying to break up the fight 2
Finishing up the heroin story 2
Forcible touching is a misdemeanor? 2
Fuck and shit 2
Fuck you February 2
Funny 2
Funny headline I wrote on that show 2
Funny or Die Video Archive 2
Ghetto party 2
Grey area 2
Guess what? FUCK YOU! 2
HBO's real sports segment on marijuana being used by football players for pain 2
HI! 2
Hair poking out of my hat 2
Hank Hill 2
Harassment or assault? 2
Have you ever seen retired football players with heart conditions 2
Have you ever tasted your own jizz? 2
He doesn't want a bloody dick 2
He is only going to lose his license 2
He is trying to promote his album 2
He just thinks she has a nice ass 2
He makes me feel good about my stupid SpongeBob square pants teeth 2
He only lost his license 2
He shyly admitted to doing this 2
He was a gynecologist that assaulted six pregnant women 2
He was asked if his mother was a hooker 2
He was talking shit 2
He's a scum fuck 2
His February is fucked up too 2
Horseplay? 2
Hot Taiwanese McDonald's worker Wee wee 2
How I have always said I would deal with the real hardcore drugs like heroin and crack 2
How big is his cock? 2
How did he try to justify that? 2
How did this guy make this happen? 2
How much time do I have left 2
Human life inside changes my perspective 2
Hysteria treatment in the early 1900's 2
I always love Jimmy 2
I am going to try to fix that 2
I am having a tough time 2
I am not afraid to admit that as a heterosexual male 2
I am redundant 2
I am saying cunt a lot today 2
I am very OCD with clothes selection 2
I can see how it would be assault 2
I can see where that's a problem 2
I can taste the baby? 2
I did 2
I didn't even get through most of the stories 2
I didn't promote archive on periscope 2
I didn't save that actual story 2
I didn't want a picture with Anthony Cumia 2
I don't get it 2
I don't get the purpose of that 2
I don't mind boxer briefs 2
I don't really know what this is? 2
I don't think Bill Cosby innocent 2
I don't think that's how one gets this 2
I don't want a firestorm of controversy 2
I don't want that virus 2
I don't want to see all the internal organs during sex 2
I downloaded the app to download the periscope videos 2
I enjoyed McDonald's as a kid 2
I expand on that premise 2
I feel a little under the weather today 2
I fuck up trying to say that 2
I had a stuffy nose on this show 2
I had to do community service for being a minor in possession of alcohol 2
I have ADD 2
I have learned to disassociate 2
I have to bring back my character nasally fuck 2
I have worn this shirt on Periscope before 2
I haven't noticed 2
I just don't want to fuck you 2
I just noticed the let's see thing 2
I know better than you what works for my show 2
I like Taylor Swift 2
I lost track of time 2
I may come off whiny 2
I may do another show on Friday 2
I may go the whole show without doing a story 2
I may put my afro on for this story later 2
I might do the whole show like this 2
I need a nap 2
I need to do some manscaping 2
I need to shave 2
I prefer vaginal sex 2
I respect what you have done in life 2
I settled on the Fun house mirrors 2
I suck 2
I support the community 2
I support ya 2
I think I was really banging on all cylinders in August 2
I think it gives a nice presentation of the cock and balls 2
I think most people are Libertarians 2
I think she's attractive BUT I also like her music 2
I think the donating of money was enough 2
I tried to watch the Entourage movie while my son was sick 2
I use to pass out over blood in school 2
I want to post the video about the girl that was threatened with suspension over wearing leggings 2
I was also bummed about " things " that day 2
I was doing it then 2
I was in an emotional state at the time 2
I was just thinking that we hadn't had a new one in a while 2
I was that guy before 2
I wasn't recording 2
I watched like 5 minutes 2
I will be very respectful 2
I will be your clown 2
I will post it after the periscope show goes away 2
I would go to the doctor all the time if they performed oral sex 2
I would show you but my penis may stick out like a periscope 2
I'm a boxer guy 2
I'm a hairy fuck and I don't like it 2
I'm a little under the weather give me a fucking break 2
I'm a madman 2
I'm a maniac 2
I'm a pussy 2
I'm an asshole 2
I'm an idiot 2
I'm back 2
I'm glad I am not that guy anymore 2
I'm keeping it going 2
I'm not on drugs 2
I'm only doing this show for me 2
I'm pumped hyped up and ready to go 2
I'm surprised that hasn't been brought up 2
I'm voting for Gary Johnson 2
I've been saying douche fuck a lot 2
up-solid down-solid